Ten facts you didn’t know about starting a blog.

Do you want to start a blog? Or did you start your blog earlier before, and you’d wish to know why you are not earning as you expected? Great idea! There is more information outside there, and many folks will tell you different things to do. Where will be your starting point? Who will you listen to? Well, hold on. With blogging, you can talk about your own story, your daily activities or share any decent story that may capture the attention of the targeted audience. Then, people had different views concerning the opportunity to blog online. Eventually, everyone started publishing their free thoughts online. And this is how an awesome world of blogging began. 

You may end up being a useless blogger if you’ll assume what I’m about to share. You see, no one wishes to start a blog and weigh for a couple of months before ripping. So here are the 10 facts you need to know before starting a blog.

Know why you are starting a blog

It sounds like complete common sense, right? Before starting with the basic steps, you need to know exactly what you want to write about and why. But many folks come into the blogging field completely clueless (I know you were also about to do the same)

There are three main reasons why anyone can decide to start blogging. Often, it only for one reason and sometimes for all three. There is nothing right or wrong about starting your ideas. The problem only comes during the implementation of your strategies.

The first and the main reason why people start blogging is to make money. You’ll often encounter stories to do with a stay at home moms with a multimillion-dollar operation out there making beautiful little courses on how to design paper doilies. These are blogging empires that anyone else would wish to have. For sure, those moms make it look more than easy, and they don’t display their key secrets. But they have their money-making strategies.

The second reason is to gain exposure to your business. Authors may want to blog about their current book happening. Online entrepreneurs may wish their shop or digital products. Or, if you are a businessman, you may need to give your customers the inside look of your business. 

The third reason is maybe you are interested in a certain topic, and you want more information. For instance, let’s assume you love your puppy and you want to do what it takes to give Sparky the best of your life. And so, you’ll have to find out the best puppy food, shampoos, and treats on the market, and you discover that there is way more out there than you realized, such as immunization shots to prevent parvo and other dangerous diseases. And therefore, you write about the topic and share it with your family and friends.

People can sum why they are blogging in one of the above three reasons. But as I had mentioned before, you can be involved in all three.

Do you have the right platform?

Many individuals start blogging on famous free blogging platforms like blogger, medium, or WordPress. However, these blogging platforms are limited. If you are concerned with blog success, you don’t have to waste your precious time there. They are various terms that you must adhere to them, and they have the right to terminate your blog without any notice. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that you’ll recover your blog after it has been shut down. So you can imagine, you only them in the limited platform. Most of the free platforms will prevent you from making money. They are limited due to their different terms and conditions. But can give you complete control over your blog. Here are solutions you can go for:

Self-hosted blog

You don’t have many decisions to make when it comes to self-facilitated blogging frameworks. The most commonly used is the free and open-source framework With a self-facilitated platform, you’ll set up your blog and run it using your domain and web facilitating. You are completely accountable for your blog and its substance. This will cost you dollars each month, and any domain costs about $10 each year. The original blogging software won’t cost you anything.

Hosted blog

Many new bloggers may be convinced to start a blog using free hosting platforms such as blogger, Tumblr, Reddit.  However, don’t forget that freedom comes with limitations.

Ensure that you know how to monetize your blog

There several ways to monetize your blogs like affiliate income, writing, eBook, and advertising. What many people don’t know is that they can make money by freelancing and even by blogging advertising. Additionally, there are other options, such as selling eBooks through Amazon. Furthermore, you can sell digital or physical products, or maybe you’d wish to be hired content to other bloggers. Planning for your blog is a great idea. However, visitors won’t just click on your site because of your amazing content without more effort.

Regardless of what is being said about making money in your leisure time, the fact is bloggers don’t have leisure or the so-called spare time. They are busy filling their blogs with a bunch of contents in the little time they gate. Having an online business is as critical as any other job. If you want to make income, you must work hard on it. As simple as it is.

But that isn’t to shutter your blogging dreams. These are the real and sad realities. The magic money doesn’t just come out of the air, and sure, it doesn’t. With these realistic goals, you’ll get focused on your exact goals.

Your niche may not worth your time.

Your niche might have started as a significant idea. However, acknowledging that it isn’t working out is a great skill to have. With that, you’ll know when your traffic is slowing down when readers suddenly stop interacting. Acknowledging all these things before it terminates your dreams is an important skill to have.

Your blog can beef any resume.

If you are not using your blog to earn a living or make money, your entire blog can restrengthen your resume while searching for the job of your dream. Experts are always looking for employees with more than one skill, more so technologically. Having an awesome-looking blog is far away from landing a job and landing the exact job you’ve always been dreaming of. There are wide varieties of freelancing or remote positions for those individuals with great writing skills. Well, they may seem to be side hustles. However, they are the starting points to build a successful writing portfolio to land great job opportunities. Blogging is a significant starting point to venture into technical writing, copywriting, and SEO research.

Still, if writing isn’t your choice, blogging can head you to editing opportunities and photography. Online marketing can also be a feasible job opportunity with the emerging of blogging and the use of the social network. Major companies and organizations usually hire these positions devoted to growing their network and online presence.

Your email list plays a massive role.

Setting up and running a blog is fine, but you’ll be a useless blogger without an email list. Your email list maintains constant communication with your audience and keeps them notified of your latest content. But what many bloggers fail to understand is the reader relationship. Of course, you can spend the whole day writing, and your emails can be opened. However, if your reader is not reading your emails or responding to your email, then there might be something wrong somewhere.

Email marketing is more than just writing typical random stuff about your site. It is all about attracting the right visitors who learn to trust you and your content.  Bloggers need to strive to bring quality content for their readers and keep them engaged in a real relationship. Come on! I’m not talking about intimacy. I mean business relationships whether people connect with other real people. Your following is visiting your web looking for advice and help with their problem. They see you as the solution to their problems.

Individuals who engage in email lists are more likely to buy an affiliate product or your product from you.

When you get leads, the next thing is to convert them into sales funnel, bringing your audience closer to you and your product. You may have 300,000 subscribers, but if none of them trusts you, you may put an end to blogging. As simple as that.

Your blog is all about your audience, not you.

This is the hardest notion for bloggers to wrap their heads around. Take it or leave it. Your blog is not about you or your passion. It’s all about your audience. Just as I had mentioned before, your audience sees you as their source of help, and if you make all about you, they’ll vanish and look for another blogger to solve their problems.  Traffic doesn’t appear because they are your friends and family. Anyone else is interested in the same thing that we are, and if you are lucky enough to be in a family of bloggers, you are guaranteed success. We have many other bloggers outside there but don’t have such a privilege.  

Blogging is not some set of imaginary plaything. It is a certain community that needs determination and realistic expectations. Writing amazing content is crucial to keeping your reputation reliable. It encourages more visitors to your site and interactions on your social media. Moreover, it creates lifetime followers who of your work.

Know what SEO is

While looking for information about blogging, writing, freelancing and copywriting, and much more, you’ll always encounter these there latters. What the heck is?! It seems like a certain foreign concept. Well, in simple words, SEO means search engine optimization. And what does search engine optimization mean? It simply means how simple search engines like Google can find your stuff. With a Great SEO, Google can find your content, and it means that those searching for your content can find it with ease. And therefore, you need to optimize your blog content for SEO.

Writing and publishing blog content.

Let’s assume you’ve already set up a domain name, select your blog facilitating site, set a blog subject. Through that, you’ll be ready for blogging. But this is not a touch-and-go process. You first need to learn how to create your first blog post. On the website, any supportive particulars you share with readers are called content. It can be valuable information that readers would wish to interact with and get back over and over again.

The next thing to do is to prepare appropriate content on the main pages. You can choose the appropriate page based on your preconditions. And next, we are landing on the most generally perceived pages that many bloggers use:

Homepage: depending on the type of layout you pick, you have an option to display your homepage as a static page while altering your blog. Around there, you’ll have to prepare the material for it.

About us: the most used traditional subject page is the “about us” page. The page mentions to the visitors your personality, details about your page, and the purpose of your blog.

Communication: this page allows visitors to interact with your blog.

Broaden your income stream

You’ve already created the content and already published it. The next thing is now to diversify your income stream. The best way to start earning instantly is by using ads. And this is what you need to know about AdSense –bloggers often lose all their revenues when AdSense blocks their accounts for policy violations. 

The bottom line

Blogging is one of the decent ways of generating income online. Due to the corona pandemic, people have ventured into blogging as the only way to earn a living. And finally, this is what you need to know about blogging- blogging needs patience. It may even take a whole before you could start ripping.     

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