Technical SEO Is Important Now More Than Ever

SEO has evolved to be part of something bigger, and technical skills must be applied differently. If anything, it has expanded into a much more sophisticated and nuanced digital channel that has outgrown the “Search Engine Optimization” category. The core tenets of organic search remain firmly in place, with technical SEO given overdue prominence as a driver of the web, mobile, and device performance. SEO professionals are often at the forefront of technological innovations, and this looks unlikely to change in a world of voice search, digital assistants, and Progressive Web Apps. New approaches are required if we are to maximize this opportunity, however. That begins with the definition of what exactly SEO entails and extends to how we lead collaboration within our organizations. The level of technical understanding needed for success has changed back to the levels it once was.

How you can win against the competition?

However, where and how you apply that knowledge is key to technical success. Focus your skills on optimizing: Your site. Mobile and desktop devices. Mobile apps. Voice search. VR. Agents. Vertical search engines (it’s not just Google anymore – think Amazon, for example). The AI revolution is begging for more help from Monthly SEO service professionals and data scientists to help drive it forward. Mastering SEO fundamentals is only the bare minimum. If you want to win against the competition, you must go beyond the basics. If you act now and take a slightly different viewpoint on your role, organic search can assume a central role in business strategy and cross-channel digital marketing.

Regardless, these ways of thinking have a range of benefits across any organization. Opportunities to integrate more digital functions into the SEO process. Ways to learn new skills, both by doing and by observing. Integration of SEO best practices across more digital channels. A central role for SEO, without reducing the importance of other specialists.

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