How to secure the cannabis INDUSTRIES FOR THE FUTURE

According to Bloomberg, the cannabis market is predicted to reach around $50 billion by 2026 year.

The potential for an eightfold rise over the current market could mean lucrative opportunities for dispensaries, growers, employees, and other parties associated to the marijuana industry.

Actually, today’s Green Rush is equivalent to the California Gold Rush from 1848-1855, which led to the arrival of around 300,000 prospectors’ entrepreneurs and investors to California.

Like that of the Gold Rush, however, are criminals looking to defraud legitimate members of the cannabis industry with cash and goods. It is equally frustrating to be confused by laws and regulations from both federal and state that can put legitimate companies and individuals at risk of being in violation of the law.

In order for businesses to grow and surpass the staggering $50 billion figure within the coming eight to nine years, security needs to be at the top of the industry’s priorities. Transportation of cash and goods as well as secure facilities, ensuring compliance with regulations, and financial assistance are some of the important security concerns that face the cannabis industry in the present and for the coming years.

Safe and secure asset transportation

In comparison to other industries, the cannabis market is legal and carries an increased risk of theft. Federal banking regulations have led to the transfer of large sums of cash, making these vehicles an easy target for criminals.

The safest way to travel is with discreet and safe vehicles that are monitored constantly through GPS. Live video monitoring of vessels’ assets offers complete transparency and security for the driver, grower dispensaries, and other participants.

Another important aspect of moving cash and goods is finding reliable drivers who are vetted through thorough background checks. Not only do cannabis security firms provide drivers swiftly and efficiently and efficiently, but they also ensure that the vehicle is visible to verify its position and the safety of the valuable cargo inside.

Facility security and electronic monitoring

The security of physical buildings, equipment, property employees, facilities, etc. can’t be overstated. In the absence of proper security measures implemented, the security of products and cash could be at risk and unauthorized access can cause damage and vandalism.

To protect the physical environment the on-site security measures should be implemented. These include arming and unarmed guards on-site as well as closed-circuit surveillance systems that allow remote monitoring of location, high-tech security barriers, locks, and many more aimed at stopping attacks on the premises.

Another crucial aspect of security in facilities is the training of employees on best practices for going into and out of facilities. To increase the security of employees, security measures using video surveillance can provide prompt detection of intrusions, and can be monitored remotely via mobile devices throughout the day.

Operations security and regulatory compliance

For those who are new to the cannabis industry and not forgetting individuals who’ve participated since the first-time cannabis was legalized in California The maze of local and state laws can be confusing. If you do not have the proper license application and conformity with local and state regulations, both individuals and businesses could face charges, facility closures, and possibly even jail time.

The first step is to be aware of the security and safety obligations. It is crucial that you conduct an internal audit using professionals who can provide the proper direction.

This audit outlines disaster-planning strategies to reduce downtime for a company, security measures for information technology methods to avoid security breaches, and strategies to handle sensitive data.

With the right guidance with the proper guidance, compliance issues are identified and addressed promptly to ensure the integrity of all parties with the marijuana industry.

Financial services

One of the most significant problems for the cannabis industry particularly for new businesses is issues like adequate accounting, cash management, and support for tax and banking to limit the risk associated with Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act violations.

In addition to ensuring 100 percent compliance, having reliable banking partners is essential to be able to comply with the complicated banking laws and regulations. In addition, trusted banks are the foundation for trustworthy payment and transfer services.

The secure security of the storage and protection of assets in cash is important. vaults that are monitored continuously via a computer provide businesses with security.

And, as we’ve already mentioned, the proper management of finances begins by transferring cash and goods using reliable, reliable, and completely transparent methods.

The risks of doing it alone

In the midst of the Green Rush pushing forward, the need to work with a knowledgeable and skilled team is more crucial than ever before. Marijuana-related firms (MRBs) have many things to lose when security measures aren’t in place regularly. These risks can range from theft to being in violation of laws in the state to close down a business.

It is only by satisfying and exceeding the California requirements of the state that MRBs can be confident that their facilities, products, employees, and even employees are secure and fully in compliance.

If proper protocols and procedures are established the cannabis industry is likely to exceed $50 billion by 2026, in an environment that is secure, aimed at making sure there are no risks and maximizing growth.

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