Must ask questions when hiring freelance content writers

If you are a website owner or a professional in need of marketing content, hiring freelance content writers is the best option. With choosing a freelance writer, you get to pay only for the services they offer. Also, there are no additional terms and conditions that bind you or the freelancer you work with. But before hiring, you need to make sure whether the freelancer you hire will be the right person for the task. Here are some must-ask questions when hiring freelance content writers.

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  • How many years or months of experience you have in this field?

The first thing you need to ask a freelance content writer is about their experience in the industry. An experienced content writer knows all the knacks and tactics of writing engaging and interesting content that will inspire your readers. You can also ask to see their resume and ask them to describe their work experience.

  • Can I see some of your past work samples?

Checking the experience of the writer is mandatory. But checking their writing style and tone is also very important. Expert content writers have a separate portfolio that showcases their past work across multiple niches. You can also check for the client feedback and references in the portfolio, giving you an overall understanding of the freelancer’s work.

  • What are your charges?

Having a mutual understanding of the budget is very important. It would be best if you consider the cost factor when going about the hiring process. Asking this question is another essential thing you need to consider asking the freelancer you’re looking to hire. Most freelancers charge around $50 to $500 per project. Feel free to tell your budget cap when negotiating the rate so the freelancer will charge you accordingly.

  • How do you come up with new classy blog titles?

You also need to know about the working strategy of your freelance writer. Do not hesitate to ask them how they come up with new topics and source them. Take your time to discuss about your business goals and objectives, the marketing ideas you are looking for, along with the things you expect from your blog. Writers will definitely share their techniques with you if you ask them in the right way.

  • Do you have prior experience with Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimization is the new trend that is taking over the digital world. All businesses and websites prefer SEO. It is a must that you need to check with your freelance writer about this remarkable skill. Keyword identification and optimization is an essential thing you need to look for in your freelance content writer. Your website can get a considerable amount of traffic by including relevant keywords in the article or blog. Also, ask the freelancer what kind of tools they use to identify leading keywords related to the domain. If they have SEO skills, then it is a significant added advantage for your business.

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