Digital marking is trading through an internet platform.

Digital marking is a trading platform because it’s easy for every person to trade from one place to another.

There are different ways.

Like social media sites etc. we can also say that Digital markings the type of marketing using the internet and online-based systems such as computers, mobile phones, and digital media and platforms to promote our assets and services.

mostly high-level advertisements through digital channels such as search engines. social media, email, websites, and mobile apps also. This source is most of the high level and it’s most expensive.

When we discuss advertise through digital channel owner get a lot of money for their advertisements. So that is the reason channel.

advertisement is most expensive for others it’s also the reason is that today we live in a Digital marking world every people use this plate form like tv and cell phone etc.


Do you want to know about components of digital marketing


  1. Paid search

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

  3. Content marketing

  4. Social media marketing.


  • Paid search:

    it a component of marketing in which click pay per click techniques use for advertisements because it gives money per click services that are called paid searches.


  • Search engine optimization:

    SEO stands for search engine optimization it’s also a component of a digital platform. In which we optimize our assets through a search engine platform. That is called SEO.


  • Social media marketing:

    social media also a component of a digital marketer in which we advertise through social media plate form because billions of people use the social media platform.

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