iPhone 4 unlock tips and tricks – how to get your phone working again like new

Introduction: Apple has finally fixed the unlock Issue on the iPhone 4. However, just because Apple has fixed it doesn’t mean that you can use your phone again like new. There are still a few tricks and tips that you can use to fix your unlocked iPhone 4 so that it works as if it was brand new. Keep reading to find out how!

How to Unlock your iPhone 4.

If you have an iPhone 4, there are a few methods you can use to unlock it. The most common method is to use a password Recovery Mode. To do this, first enable Airplane Mode on your phone by going toSettings and then tap on Airplane mode. Then enter your iCloud account password and turn off airplane mode again. Once turned off, press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds until you see a slider start to move down. After it reaches the bottom, release the button and your iPhone will now be unlocked.

Another option is using iTunes Billing Area Unlocking which requires you to purchase an Apple biller card or Apple ID from an authorized store. To do this, go to Settings and then scroll down till you find General category and then click on it. Under section “General”, click on “Apple ID or Biller Card Purchase” under the heading “How to Unlock Your iPhone 4 using iTunesBillingArea Unlocking”. After clicking on that, enter your Apple account password and the store’s confirmation code into the corresponding fields and hit save changes. Now open up iTunesBillingAreaUnlocker on your computer (if it isn’t already installed) and follow its prompts to unlock your iPhone 4 with your new apple biller card or Apple ID.

How to Unlock your iPhone 4 using a iPhone 4 Unlock Code.

To find your iPhone 4 unlock code, first start by reading this section and then follow the steps to find your unlock code.

Once you have the unlock code, follow these steps to continue using your phone:How to Unlock Your iPhone 4 Using a iPhone 4 Reset Code

If you have not been able to unlock your iPhone 4 using its factory settings, reset it using this guide. To do this, first backup your device by pressing and holding the Option key until a screen pops up that asks for a password (if asked for a password, enter it). Then follow these instructions:How to Unlock Your iPhone 4 Using a iPhone 4 Reset Code

To reset your iPhone4, use the following method:

If you are unable to access any of its settings or if there is an error message when you try to turn on your phone, please contact AppleCare support at 1-800-APPLE-HELP (1-800-227-5397).

How to Unlock your iPhone 4 Using a Recovery Code.

If your iPhone 4 has been damaged or lost, you may be able to re- Unlock it using a recovery code. To find the recovery code for your model of iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Plug your phone into an outlet and connect it to your computer. This will make sure that your phone is properly charged.

2. Open the Apple App Store on your computer and search for “ Recovery Code”

3. Once you find the recovery code, copy it to a safe place and keep it handy as you continue below.

4. Open iTunes on your computer and locate the “Device Info” section under “My Collection”

5. Scroll down until you see the section labeled “iPhone 4”

6. Paste the recovery code that you copied in step 3 into this section

7. Click on Update Device Information in iTunes to save changes and finish up procedure.

8. Your iPhone 4 will now be unlocked and ready to use.


Unlocking your iPhone 4 is a simple process that can be done with the help of a few methods. By following these steps, you can easily unlock your device and enjoy its full functionality.

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