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How to Write Content for a Website (Like an expert without experience)

The first question that comes to your mind when you want to be a blogger with zero experience is how to write website content? Is not it? Well, you’ve appeared at the proper place. When you publish a blog post, it does not mean that Google will rank your passages easily.

According to Brian Dean (founder of, in an update of October 2020, Google has changed some ranking factors to rank an article. Therefore, you have to write an optimized blog post so that Google can rank a specific passage from a relevant page. If you do not read this blog post carefully, you will not know how to write and optimize website content.

Know the Purpose of the Website Content:

Knowing the website goal is the first significant thing. If you know the purpose, you can write the best way to acquire the goal. Ask these simple questions to find the goal of your web content.

  • Is the website’s post recommend a product or service?
  • Will the website’s article attract a new customer?
  • Is the webpage’s purpose of getting more traffic to support advertising and sponsorships?

If you know the purpose of the website’s copy, you’ll write an article that will achieve your primary goal properly.

Keyword Research:

​Keyword research relies on your understanding target market. How they’reseeking your products, services, and content. Choosing the best keyword is a number one priority to get free traffic from search engines.

Picking a long-tail keyword with a better monthly search volume is always better, but you can work with this small keyword with low competition if ​you find a small keyword with low competition.

In addition to that, you have to keep a good balance between monthly searches and competition. Also, a couple of keyword research tools are available to find out your exact keyword, such as Google AdWords, Keyword Planner, Keyword Surfer, etc.

Before Keyword Research Ask These Easy Questions:

  • Who is searching for your relevant products or service?
  • When are searching these products or service?
  • Why are searching these products or service?
  • How are searching these products or service?
  • Are they prefer mobile devices?
  • From where are they searching these products or services?

Know the Specific Reader of Your Writing:

Writing website content is a massage, a solution, a guideline for your target reader. For this reason, you need to know who you’re writing for and what your readers expect from your writing.

In other words, identifying the right audience to crucial. To know your particular target audience, you can ask these effortless questions:

  • Why are you writing for your expected reader?
  • Who is the fixed target reader of your content?
  • Why should the reader read your content?
  • What is the age of your reader?
  • Are your readers expert/ knowledgeable/general?
  • What do your readers expect from your writing? (Usually, the reader finds an instant answer, quick solution, a guideline, information, support Etc.)

Organized Your Web Passages:

To reach your targeted reader, you should optimize your web pages and articles to the search engines so that your audience finds your web content quickly. Optimization is the most significant method you’ve to follow. Know your audience again, more specifically.

  • What keyword will they type into Google?
  • Why keyword will they write into Google?
  • What information will they want and need?

Know the SEO Guidelines:

Search engine optimization guidelines are ever-changing. So, you’ve to know the basic knowledge of SEO.

Optimized Article for SEO:

To rank your article in the search engines, you need to optimize your blog post title, keywords, and description in the best way to attract searchers so that your specific readers can find your article easily, and this will increase the high CTR rate to Google rankings.

Use Headlines, Bullet Points, and Numbers:

Things we see for the first time attractively, we love it. Is not it? Similarly, if the website content structure looks good to see, the reader will feel comfortable staying on the website for a long time. You can make your article interesting to readers in various ways, using headlines, bullet points, numbers, etc., to make your website more attractive.

Provide Right Answers That Your Searcher’s Query Needs:

Do you know what readers are looking for things? Try to help your readers with the correct information so that they can easily trust you. Usually, they want answers to a specific question or want a guideline or find a solution to a problem. So, try to help them with the correct information.

Write Simple Sentences and Short Organize Paragraph:

Today’s readers like short sentences; they don’t feel comfortable reading long-hefty sentences and paragraphs. They get annoyed when they see long-hefty sentences. Although you may have a lot to say, you have to break it up so that your reader feels comfortable.

DON’T Plagiarize:

Writing an article in your own words is a good practice. Never steal text from others because Google doesn’t like it for the user. If you do, Google may visit plenty of your site, so be aware when you write your web content for your audience.

Review Your Written Content Again.

Writing is a creative subject. No one can write well for the primary time during to new situation.. Experts say that you may have to change many words at different times after writing for the first time. For this reason, it is better to review on the second day morning. In addition to that, you can get feedback from your friends, colleges, and classmates.

Final Verdicts:

Writing website content will not a difficult task. For example, you know the purpose of your website content, which your specific target reader is, why you are writing for them, how to collaborate with them, and optimize your article to the search engine to get free traffic.

If you have a clear concept for these elementary questions, writing website content is not a difficult task for you; you can always write something good.

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