How to Scan QR Codes in Your Phone Without Using Another Phone

QR codes can be found almost everywhere these days. Today’s barcodes are what we would call them, and they allow users to visit a website, send text messages and emails, or download an app faster. All we have to do is use the camera on our mobile to scan the QR code, and we will have instant access to all the useful information.

Usually we use our smartphones to QR code somewhere other than the phone itself. However, if the code has to be scanned on the smartphone, the situations become more complicated. That’s why it’s always a smart idea to scan the QR code of reputable brands. The main reason for this is safety and security.

In this way, the hacker can use QR codes to lead you to malicious content that looks real at first glance, but collects all its data. Also, check the URL thoroughly before entering all your passwords before continuing.

The phone scanner is currently unable to scan the QR code on the same phone, which is a shame considering how simple it would be. You may need to download some scanning apps for this. We will discuss some methods here to do that.

How to scan QR codes in your phone without using another phone

Let’s start with the collection of QR code scanner applications that you can use if the QR code is already on your smartphone.

You can scan the QR codes stored in your phone storage using web apps. You can also scan the image with the screen-shielded code. The beauty of the application is that you can choose options that go to your device’s storage after you open it. It would help if you do the following:

  • Install the Google Lens app on your Android phone.
  • Log in to the app and select the “open gallery” option.
  • In this case, it could be a snapshot or a QR code, so go to that exact snapshot with the QR code and scan it there.

The app scanner will scan the image after it is selected. As a result, users are redirected to the page that contains the QR code information.

How to scan QR codes in your phone without using another phone

Tips to scan QR code from your phone

Plus, the app we discussed earlier has a few more options for you to explore. While other devices may be required, you can try this.

Take a picture of the QR code you want to use. Once you’ve sent it to another device, you can take over the scanning.

You can also send an email on the desktop and scan the QR code with your smartphone, another helpful suggestion.

Phone can be used to scan QR codes

The following is a short collection of QR code scanning apps that you might already have on the smartphone.

  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • whatsapp

QR codes on the phone can be synced to your computer via WhatsApp. It’s as easy as scanning a QR code with your smartphone while connected to the internet via WhatsApp online on your computer.

  • Facebook messenger
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Even with the most advanced smartphones, scanning a QR code becomes more difficult. It won’t last long though if you use a good app and have the image saved to your device storage. Hopefully these tips are helpful to you!

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