How to Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram

Instagram is made by a team of specialists. However, there are still bugs and issues that you may encounter on your phone from time to time. The problem with the feed cannot be refreshed. This is one of the most common problems faced by Instagram users.

When you try to refresh your news feed or profile, you probably get this error. Likewise, if you try to reload your Instagram direct message chats, you will also experience this problem. The feed is failing to refresh for a number of reasons so we’re not sure why you’re seeing it. A detailed inspection is required to determine the source of the problem.

When you run into a problem with an app on your smartphone, the first thing you do when you run into a problem with an app is to try a few simple things like restart the app or try again later. Unfortunately, the Instagram feed issue failed to refresh using either of these methods. How to quickly fix this problem on your iPhone or Android smartphone will be discussed in this guide.

Why your Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed

It won’t update your news feed as you scroll down the main Instagram page, so you’ll see the same old posts over and over with an error saying it couldn’t refresh the feed. It’s important to know the reasons why Instagram isn’t updating your feed before trying to fix it. Listed below in bullet points

  • Unfortunately, your internet connection is not working properly or is slow.
  • Instagram has a technical problem.
  • Due to server issues, Instagram is not available.
  • It seems that your device’s date and time settings are incorrect.

You now know why Instagram isn’t updating your news feed. So let’s talk about how to solve this problem. Here are a few methods that you can try one by one.

1. Check your internet connection

Check the speed of your mobile network or WiFi. Try loading a website in your browser and a speed test to see how fast your internet is. You should see a signal bar on your network signal bar in the top right corner of the screen. Turn on flight mode and then turn it off if you don’t have a mobile network. As a result, your network signals will be refreshed.

Then choose your SIM card from the Settings ( Go to Connections >> Mobile network >> Mobile network). There are two ways to update your mobile network: manually or automatically.

2. Check if Instagram is down

A server load issue may also cause Instagram to be unavailable at the time. This issue can also occur while refreshing your Instagram news feed, profile or direct messages. According to reports, Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users worldwide. The technical issues, Instagram’s server infrastructure is designed to handle many users.

You can check if Instagram is offline by searching for recent news about it on Google. When such a thing happens, Google will update immediately. So if you find that Instagram is down, wait a few minutes and try to refresh your news feed again later. Instagram will automatically fix this problem for you.

How To Fix Could Not Refresh Feed On Instagram

3. Check your phone’s date and time

Your Instagram feed may not be refreshed if the date and time on your phone is incorrect. Make sure your settings are set to update automatically. When your phone is in automatic mode, it will automatically sync to the time given by your wireless connection.

On Android, open the Settings app and navigate to General Management >> Date & Time. Enable the Automatic date and time option by clicking the button. iPhone users can enable Set Automatically by going to Settings >> General & Time.

Your news feed should now refresh when you open Instagram. No error message is displayed this time, for example that the feed cannot be refreshed.

How To Fix Could Not Refresh Feed On Instagram

4. Update the Instagram app to the latest version

Instagram’s app is frequently updated to fix bugs and other issues. The Instagram app on your smartphone should be updated immediately if it is an outdated version. This may also resolve the “Unable to refresh feed on Instagram” issue. If you have an Android or iPhone, you can update Instagram via the Google Play Store and App Store

How To Fix Could Not Refresh Feed On Instagram

5. Clear the cached data of the Instagram app

There may be an issue in the Instagram app that is preventing your News Feed from refreshing. The cached data can be cleared to fix this.

On your Android phone, go to Settings >> Apps. Then find and open the Instagram app on your device. Now go to Storage and tap on the option to ‘clear data’. You will need to login to Instagram again after clearing the cached data. You can also force Instagram to stop. This is done by clicking the Force Stop button on the app information page.

How To Fix Could Not Refresh Feed On Instagram

6. Restart your phone

While loading your Instagram news feed, restarting your phone can help fix technical issues in the Instagram app. Solving this problem is a simple yet effective method. Use the power off or restart button and press and hold the power off button for a few seconds. For iPhone, you need to turn it off first and then restart it manually.

7. Use the Instagram website

Instagram offers a web version for both desktop and mobile devices. Use this web version to access your Instagram account. If your Instagram app is having trouble refreshing your news feed, profile, or direct message notification, open Google Chrome or Safari on your iPhone or Android device and visit the Instagram website.

Username and password are required to login. But that’s all. Once you log into your Instagram, you can easily refresh your news feed to see new posts, stories, and posts.

How To Fix Could Not Refresh Feed On Instagram

How to fix this problem on your iPhone or Android smartphone has been discussed in detail. Unfortunately, this issue has occurred on your device for unknown reasons. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. If you’re still having trouble refreshing your Instagram news feed, direct message, or profile, let us know in the comments section below.

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