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How Can You Start Data Entry Job?

The largest percentage of the global population is currently unemployed. This is caused by the raging Covid-19 pandemic that has rendered many souls desperately seeking anything to earn income. While this seems like a sudden turn of events for those not prepared, others take it as a blessing in disguise, improvising on various means to earn income while at home.

Technological innovations have contributed to the creation of online jobs, with several online sites opening opportunities for both locals and foreign freelancers. This means that those lucky to get these opportunities can overcome the fears and uncertainties of unemployment. However, those who are not familiar with online working could be asking themselves, “How can we start and establish home-based jobs?

If you are yearning for the sheer joy of financial independence, it is time you realize that many companies are now looking for intelligent and committed individuals to work in their various positions in the comfort of their homes. Such positions include Data Entry jobs. Therefore, to help you understand what it takes to be a data entry employee, read on to find vital information, including;

What Is Data Entry

First, it is crucial to note that a well-established company may have many roles with a few employees who can accomplish the tasks. Such companies try to fetch more individuals with the required skills and experience to take the positions and work either in-house or remotely. One of the most key parts of a company involves the entry of business data during the day. This is what is simplified as data entry.

Data entry is a business operation in which an employee adds, verifies, and edits electric data before feeding it into the company’s system. Though many companies have professionals who handle the databases, others employ remote workers to transcribe notes from meetings, add raw data into databases, and add sales figures into their electronic formats.

Data entry jobs involve also involve handling different types of electronic data and operating devices used by professionals to enter and edit data, such as the keyboard. Various occupations found in this industry are typist, coder, transcriber, and word processor. These occupations have different payment methods. For instance, if you get a data entry job today, you will be paid by project or receive your wages per minute, hour, word count, or daily. However, most companies calculate their payment rates based on your typing speed. This means fast typists are likely to earn more money than slow typists.

Why Do Companies Employ Data Entry Remote Workers?

With the vast population of job seekers in the market, why would a company resort to employing remote data entry employees? Despite most companies having a skilled staff, sometimes labor division among the employees can be a challenge, leading to some tasks remaining unattended. Also, companies need off-board workers to collect and submit data for their professionals to translate and feed into their systems. Therefore, most companies would prefer to outsource this role to ensure;

  • Consistency in information collection and production.
  • Company records remain in an organized format.
  • Quality customer services.
  • An improved and effective workflow.

As such, data entry employees are expected to;

  • Test online systems and update them with relevant information.
  • Research and complete information on the provided documents.
  • Revise edit, and enter data into the company’s system and ensuring its accuracy.
  • Update the data on a company’s system.
  • Manage data flow.

How to Gain Data Entry Experience

The fact that many companies are looking for remote workers to take data entry responsibilities does not mean that everyone is qualified. There are various practical experiences needed when preparing for this career. Therefore, here are the main ways you can acquire experience in data entry.

  • Pursue an education in data entry or related fields: Apart from the basic high school education, you can also pursue further education through college classes and technical training sessions. These classes should involve computer lessons to gain vast knowledge about computer operations.
  • Undergo an internship: Once you complete your further education in computer and data entry, you can volunteer or intern in a data entry role to determine if the career path suits you. This step also helps you make contacts with data professionals in the field and grow your network.
  • Get certifications: The last step in data entry or any other career is getting certification. This proves your prospects and qualifications in the industry and elevates your employers’ trust.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

Now that you understand why a company would choose to employ you as a data entry employee, the next step is to determine which type of data entry job you can do. Understanding these types helps you know why online data entry is vital for a company to maintain its productivity and security. Moreover, the choice of the type of job you will apply for is determined by several factors, including accessibility to the internet, your typing speed, and the size of a company. Here are the two types of data entry jobs;

In-House or Offline Data Entry

This type of data entry involves reporting to the office or working place physically and every day. The employee is required to enter raw information into the company’s system using Microsoft Word or Excel because there is no internet access needed. Moreover, since this task involves traveling every day to the office, you are likely to benefit from merit bonuses, health allowance, and paid time off, depending on the company you work for.

Payment for an in-house data entry job is likely to be hourly or daily. Other benefits related to your performance are also calculated based on your accuracy, speed, and reliability of your tasks. This means you can only get higher payments if you show consistency and accuracy in your work.

Remote or Online Data Entry

Unlike in-house or offline working, being employed as a remote worker gives you the freedom to choose your working location that is conducive to carry out the responsibilities. You can also choose your working hours depending on the deadlines or other external actors like family responsibilities. This type of data entry job also needs a stable internet connection because it involves compiling and updating data in online databases and websites.

Most employers value your ability to complete a reliable task in a remote environment; hence your past work experience may not be the best qualification. Moreover, due to the distance between the employers and employees, remote workers need to maintain constant communication with their employers throughout the project. This lets you know if there is any change regarding the project.

As a remote data entry worker, you are likely to be paid an hourly wage that is calculated per the project or keystrokes for a specific period. However, you can also earn extra cash working as a full- or part-time employee in another industry.

Data Entry Job Skills and Requirements

Are you now ready to start your first data entry job? But wait, there is no need to rush to the application stage before learning this crucial part. Working as a data entry employee, whether in-house or remotely, seems like a simple task. Of course, it can be a simple job that requires you to have an electronic device, a comfortable working space, and a stable internet. However, do you know what it takes to be a competent data entry worker? Here are some of the basic qualities you need to have;

Computer Literacy

Knowing how to type and use Microsoft Office can be a good start to your computer literacy. However, if you are seeking employment in a well-established company. You need to go a step further and prove you understand how your computer software applications work. This can be achieved through formal computer applications training in short courses in certified universities.

Vast Knowledge in the English Language

Most electronic devices operate in the English language. Therefore, this is a simple reminder that you need to have basic knowledge of the English language for you to work as a data entry specialist. You also need to understand the basic principles of grammar and punctuation since you are required to maintain constant communication with your employers and co-workers.

While having high school or college certifications is enough to give you basic English knowledge. You may opt to take short online courses to sharpen your communication skills. These courses also help you learn more about professional sentence structures.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Whenever a company employs you to handle its data processing and entry. You are guaranteed to handle tons of the company’s private information. Therefore, they expect you to keep their secrets safe and never to share them with anyone. As a show of trust, you are required to secure your laptop and treat everything related to the company as confidential.

Showing a sense of confidentiality and handling every information of your employer with care boost your reputation. An employer, therefore, is likely to keep you for a long-term project.

Keen to Details

Data entry jobs involve some serious research and management of lots of data. As a result, you need to be keen on every information regarding the business’s operation. You also need to maintain contact with your managers to have any additional information about the company and the project. This improves your credibility and work quality; which is likely to raise your pay within no time.

Ability to Deliver Quality Results on Time

One of the freedoms of remote working is that you can choose your comfortable working place and set your schedule. However, you will only enjoy this freedom if you can meet deadlines without compromising the quality of the results. Since data entry forms a long chain of the company’s operations, your results significantly impact the success of the business. Delivering your work within the allocated time also ensures that the company’s chain is not broken and every operation runs smoothly.

Where Do You Find Data Entry Job?

Once you satisfied you have all the requirements to win a data entry job. The last step is now to search for the job. But where are these jobs posted? Various sites post job listings in different fields, including data entry. Therefore, here are some of the best sites to try;


LinkedIn is a famous platform where you can display your achievements and skill and attract potential online employers. Once you have created a professional profile, companies can contact you or you can approach them directly by sending job offers. You will also see a job posting section where you can submit your applications.


This is also one of the most popular jobs listing sites in the world that is scam-free with an A rating from the American Better Busines Bureau. Due to its popularity, you can only get an online data entry role by applying as soon as you see it. You can also increase your views by adding relevant keywords to your resume.


Indeed is also a friendly site that offers job opportunities to both offline and online workers. If you are looking for online data entry positions. You should focus on the “remote” or “work from home jobs” section.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job posting site that offers online job opportunities from global clients. It also provides a safer and scam-free platform for job seekers from different fields. You can get all listings from online data entry to virtual assistant jobs.

The Bottom Line

Are you now loaded and ready to start your first data entry job? The article has deeply discussed everything you need to know about data entry jobs including the meaning of data entry. The skill and requirements of a competent data entry employee, and the two main types of data entry jobs. It has also outlined four sites that list jobs where you can try your luck.

Before sending your application, however, it is recommended to do thorough research about the company to avoid being scammed. You should also work with companies that approved by consumer services like the Better Business Bureau or listed by Security and Exchange Commission. Lastly, once you have read all the rules of the company and analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of remote working. You can now start your first data entry job.

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