Learn to stand out from the competition on freelancing sites

In recent times, freelancing is one of the most emerging fields. Moreover, the competition for freelancers is touching the skies. If you want to create an impact as a freelancer, then you have to work hard. We know that it’s nothing less than a blessing that freelancers can earn from home. If we look at the recent numbers, then in America, around 57.3 million people are working freelance. So, if more people are joining different platforms, then competition is increasing day by day. However, if you are working as a freelance, listen if someone gives you the advice to stand out. Let’s start a discussion about this.

Tips to stand out from the competition in freelancing websites:

“More than 90% of the freelancers said that their technical and expert skills helped them to stand out.”

(Study of the Career Advisory Board & MBO partners)

If you want to earn the most from a freelancing career, then learn to make a positive and substantial impact. Learn to find something that can help to stand out from competitors. There are many freelancing websites like Guru, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. If you think that lowering prices and a well-presented profile can bring more work, then you are wrong. The dynamics for freelancers have changed. So, here are some advanced tips to stand out from the competition in freelancing.

Search about your competitors:

before starting something, the first and foremost thing is to read and search about your competitors. In this way, you will get hints that will help you to grow a freelancing account. There are two types of competitors: one is direct, and the other one is indirect. So, you can adapt by following ways to search about your direct competitors.

  • Do the web searches to find the peers that are doing best in your niche.
  • You can take the help of keywords or SEO tools.
  • Moreover, talk to your customers and try to find the alternative freelance companies they prefer.

After shortlisting the top competitors, now search about the things that are making them unique. Moreover, try to learn from their strengths and assess what marketing methods they use to grab customers.

Know about your target market:

The next step is to know about your target market. If you are well aware of the audience, you can offer the best services and efficiently solve their problems. Demographics provide the best parameter and help to divide clients based on age, gender, etc. As a result, of this activity, you can know about the values, lifestyle, and priorities of that area. So, this information can work if you want to stand out from competitors.

Don’t set the lower price:

At the start of freelancing, it was a common perception; if you want to get more business, you have to set lower prices. But it’s not like this, and things have changed with time. If you are providing cheap services, then people will consider you are delivering sub-standard services. So, if you set a high price with the best quality work, then your clients will still come to get assistance. It means your service quality should be a priority because it will ultimately bring more customers.

Consider communication channels for freelancing marketing:

If you want to stand out, then marketing plays an essential part. Yes, if you are doing good marketing, then you could be king of the freelancing world. If we look around, then there are many mediums. The world has passed from email or inbox marketing. Now there are following other ways where you should give attention.

  • Use the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc., to spread words.
  • If you run a freelance website, then give attention to email marketing
  • Arrange the virtual seminars to spread positive words about the services that you are offering.
  • Apart from this, you can start newsletters, contribute to forums and speak at the events to promote the service.

Don’t ignore the excellent customer service:

Good customer service and communication is the key to make the freelance business a huge success. We know freelancers work hard. But this hard work doesn’t have any worth if you can’t convey that to your client. If you want to create an impact from the crowd of millions of freelancers, prioritize good communication. An excellent convincing ability will not let your customer move from your service.

Other ways to build an impact in freelancing:

Apart from the above tips and tricks, many different ways can help build a good reputation and good name.

  • Try to keep yourself organized.
  • You should prefer quality over quantity.
  • Choose the customer or accept work if you can deliver the best
  • Target the niche that is your strong point
  • Always be open and strive to learn new things
  • You can offer discounts on offered services
  • Maintain a solid online presence by building a good profile

Freelancing is one of those markets that is consistently changing. So, if you want to keep up the pace, try to learn new things and add knowledge daily. It is the best way to stand out and earn a name in this virtual world.

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