Should You Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, an online presence is part and parcel of every business nowadays. You’ll have to go online, sooner or later. And for that reason, launching a decent website is the only option. You’ve to build a digital place where you can communicate with your customers, provide them with information about your services and products, and make them realize that they matter. And it’s where you need a freelance web developer.

Not only do you have to build a website that looks cultured and refined, but you’ve to make sure that it provides the required functionality. It should be appealing and good-looking and have a friendly user-interface. You have to make sure that the information is reasonably placed and doesn’t look like digital noise. For all this, you’ll need a freelance web developer.

When developing a website, there are several options for you to go for. Most companies, especially start-ups, tend to choose easy options out there. These include open-source platforms that can be more than sufficient for a start-up. However, as your business scales up, you’ll need a professional touch to your website. A more sophisticated front is what becomes essential in the long run. A visit to your website is the first point of interaction in many cases. That’s why it’s more than necessary to give your website a boost to enhance your corporate image.

Many companies refrain from taking professional help as agencies too much. Sometimes it is a wise decision to hold off from hiring an agency. It seems prudent not to invest in building a professional and fully functional website when you’re just beginning. However, with time, as the business grows, you’ll want a professional outlook for your website. This is where the need to hire a freelance web developer arises. A freelance web developer is a great match for start-ups. There are several reasons you should hire a freelance web developer rather than an agency.

1. Cost

Most freelance workers work from their homes. This means that they do not have to meet their office expenses and requirements. This, in turn, results in reduced overhead costs for them. Because working from home comes with its benefits, freelance web developers can pass on some of these benefits to their clients. The result is an overall reduction in the final cost. Moreover, if your website requires ongoing maintenance, you’ll just pay a fraction of the costs that you were supposed to pay an agency. This is a win-win situation for both you and your freelance web developer.

2. Quality

The prevalent misconception about freelance web developers is that an agency can provide compared to an individual. While saying so, we don’t take into account the fact that agencies also have an individual working on a project. In the end, we are essentially pitting the skills of one individual against another.

We also ignore the fact that the size of a business does not correlate with the quality of work delivered. We should compare the portfolios of both and then decide for ourselves. In my opinion, a freelance web developer with a great portfolio is often better than an agency. You can negotiate with him about price and other things.

More importantly, you know that you have to deal with a single person. The person you communicate with is also the person who works on your project. While hiring an agency, you don’t know the person who is about to work on your website. Direct communication with the developer has its benefits after all. You can assess the personality, mind, and skill of the person you’re hiring if you hire a freelance web developer. On the other hand, an agency isn’t easy to work with and you don’t know the face behind the work.

3. Speed

Freelance web developers can provide deliverables in a much shorter time. They do not have to attend meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other formalities as is the case with agencies. Since they set their hours, they can work with much consistency and peace of mind, resulting in very short turn-around times.

On the other hand, with an agency, you have problems with deadlines.

4. Consistency

Most freelance web developers have worn different hats during their careers. They often excel at graphic design, photography, UX design, and more at the same time. When the same developer works on your website, it results in great continuity that is often necessary for a long-term project. On the other hand, while working with an agency you have no guarantee that they will assign the same developer to your website. Moreover, employees at an agency are more likely to quit, making it difficult for you to achieve consistency and continuity,

5. Communication

Being a freelance website developer is easier to communicate with. While some agencies have a point of contact for the client, you have little chance to talk to your developer directly. On the other hand, a freelance website developer is both a developer and an account manager at the same time, resulting in more connected communication from a client’s perspective. A freelancer is more likely to be good at communication as it’s part of their job. If they don’t communicate well, there is little chance for them to thrive, rather survive in the industry.

6. Independence

A freelance website developer is more likely to have worked with a variety of clients. A wide range of roles means that they’re more open-minded and know the ins and outs of the industry. This is contrary to the case of agencies who remain often limited to a single type of work. It means a little chance for them to upskill their employers. Performing similar tasks for years means that you’ve become stagnant, rather outdated. There is little time for employees to upskill them.

A freelance web developer is on top of the game when it comes to advancing one’s knowledge and upskilling. But, in the end, the choice is yours whether you want to hire a freelance web developer or an agency for your website. We recommend choosing a freelance web developer over an agency because it has potential benefits.

We at have polished freelance web developers with years of experience. If you want to build a website that suits your purpose, we recommend you hire one of them and then judge for yourself.

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