The Best Freelance Jobs You should Do in 2021

Being your own boss seems easy and lucrative, but like everything else in this universe, it bears its pros and cons. There are more than 50 million active freelancers in the US alone, and this number continues to grow day by day. With so many people making a living out of the so-called gig economy, and many companies opting to hire freelancers, there is certainly an immense demand for freelance skills. It requires a certain amount of psychological, financial, and operational ability for being your own boss. Sometimes you do not know where your next check is coming from because the field is very uncertain. No one is able to do this in such kind of circumstances. On the other hand, some people find it easy to pursue freelance jobs as they can be rewarding if you have enough stamina.

In 2021, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the best freelance skills that will help you land the most attractive freelance jobs in the market, in the year 2021.

We have analyzed that certain skills have an increasing demand in the freelance market. If you learn these skills, you will likely become an attractive prospect to an array of clients. Take a look at our list of freelance jobs for 2021.

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Developer (coder, programmer)

This skill can help you land the most freelance jobs in 2021 because every company wants to leave its digital footprints. You have many opportunities because there is an increasing demand for programmers. This area is marked by artificial intelligence, so you have a high number of chances to succeed if you pursue this path.

There are many options for you in the field of programming. You can be a front-end programmer and turn boring reiterations of zeros and ones of programming into graphical user-interface. If you are more proficient in databases and scripting, you can opt for back-end programming.

In the emerging field of robotics and machine learning, you can get long-term and lucrative projects. Keeping in view the market demand, some programming languages are doing very well. These languages include Python, Java, Swift, and many others. You can choose what you are interested in.


Designers get rewarded immensely if they are creative and become successful. There is an increasing demand for proficient and creative designers. You can design graphics or go for motion and web asset creation. Experienced graphic designers often find more work than they can take on. On the other hand, there are only a few designers who can produce good work. So, success is easy. All you have to do is build a solid portfolio and freelance jobs will follow you.

Copywriter or content writer

All of us know about marketing. Companies these days rely heavily on digital marketing and dedicate hefty budgets for press releases, blogs, articles, product descriptions, and guides. Content writers who can produce creative and aboriginal content are in high demand and can get freelance jobs easily.

If you want to be a copywriter, you should have the power of storytelling with stellar grammar and eloquence. A robust portfolio can help you get more and more freelance jobs.

Digital marketing

Companies these days rely heavily on digital marketing. From running Google and Facebook campaigns, a digital marketer must be capable of overhauling an entire website’s message. Do you know what all marketers have in common? Honed with digital skills.

A digital marketer is expected to be capable of ideating, executing, and optimizing digital strategies that touch every point in a consumer’s journey through a digital world. He should be familiar with all modern digital marketing techniques including SEO, data analysis, user experience, CRM marketing, and more.

The more diverse skills you have, the more chance for your success as a digital marketer.


Have you seen those websites and apps that let you select between several language options? It is because the user interface has been translated into these languages. Freelance translators are proficient not only in the languages they translate to and from, but also in their work of translation. They must have a literary and scientific background at the same time to be able to do their work. As a translator, you can find many freelance jobs if you are a skilled translator and your portfolio is good.

Photographer / Videographer

Being a skilled photographer or a videographer will let you dazzle in freelance jobs markets. All you need to have is good photo/video editing skills coupled with the right equipment. Having an understanding of digital distribution channels is a plus. Many clients want their digital assets tailored to individual platforms.

SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization, sometimes also called Search Engine Marketing, is one of the most high-in-demand skills that can help you land the most freelance jobs. You have to be a good advertiser to be a good SEO expert. Moreover, you need to have a technical understanding of Google algorithms, keywords, link-building, and more.

Human Resources Manager

Being an HR manager is a highly competitive job in the real world. But it can be very interesting and more rewarding if you are a freelance human resource manager. For this, you have to have a solid background in the same field or it will lead you to nowhere. For a beginner freelancer, this field is not suitable.

Companies are always hiring human resources and they need to be selected carefully. A human resource manager not only advises his client or company but also manages and stores information about individuals working in a company. He must have a solid background in psychology and social sciences as well.


You would be surprised to know how much demand there is for accountants. With a quick eye on details, in-depth knowledge of spreadsheets, a solid grasp of tax rules and best practices, freelance accountants are really an asset not only for companies and startups but also for other freelancers that have trouble with book-keeping. There are great chances of success for freelance accountants in the freelance jobs markets.

Public relations manager

As a public relations manager or brand communications specialist, you will never run short of freelance job opportunities. It is a diverse field that incorporates media coverage, brand awareness campaigns, product launches, native relations, and much more. To be successful in this field, you must possess the power of story-telling coupled with a deep understanding of communicative language. It is a plus if you have a long list of contacts in the industry to leverage.

As you can see, there is a vast range of freelance categories. All you have to do is to exercise will and match your abilities to one of the above-mentioned skills. You have to analyze your personality and expertise or acquire a new skill that is high in demand. When you have carefully selected a field after much thinking and research, you should step-in as a newbie freelancer into the sea of freelance jobs that you can find at our portal. It is the best place for newbies as well as experienced freelancers, with lots of benefits you won’t get anywhere else.

Going freelance is an attractive opportunity and you have to be very careful in joining a platform. You should join a freelance platform that has more freelance jobs for you. Also, the platform you choose must be customer-centric and not a money blackhole.

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