The chances of fire incidents occurring can not be taken lightly. Any unexpected outbreak of fire can be hazardous to the lives, buildings, residential properties, and businesses. In fact, many of the companies lost their important documents, properties, and the lives of their workers, because of their negligence to this important measure and failed to put proper protection and fire measures in their place. It is recommended for the houses and businesses that proper Firewatch security should be implemented in order to save lives and properties because we don’t know what is going to happen next.

What are Firewatch services?

Firewatch is an efficient service that ensures the safety of buildings and surroundings from fire by qualified workers. Firewatch guards have enough understanding of fire hazards and the use of proper measures in case of a fire alert.  These services include Patrolling to secure the area all-time, recognizing the risks, collecting the data, keep an eye on monitoring the equipment, their condition, and functionality. They are quick and dependable. The Firewatch service Miami is specially carried out at the areas where fire risk is high such as hotels, construction sites, residential buildings, businesses, and factories, etc.

Firewatch services Miami:

Firewatch service is important for any company and residential areas, where the risk of fire is high. No matter where you are our Firewatch services in Miami will always be there for you. Recently many Firewatch services are operating in Miami, which has their own specifications, and some operate in specific areas.

These all the services help in finding fire hazards, prevent outbreaks of fire, patrol in the area, provide fast connection service, helps in the protection of construction areas, and guarantee a safe and risk-free life to the residents. Let’s have a look at the details of the services  described earlier:

What we do for you?

  • Help finding Fire alerts:

Our Fire service is in charge of keeping businesses and property owners safe from fires. Our goal is to look for conditions that raise the danger of fire and devise tactics to solve them before a fire starts. This is one of the main reasons why our Firewatch guards are so crucial in fire prevention.

  • Prevent the outbreak of fire:

Our Firewatch service Miami is responsible for preventing fires from spreading, we also ensure and provide fire risk prevention, casualty prevention, and reporting in the event of a fire on the premises. Our Advanced systems do provide identification and warning in the event of a fire. Even you have a broken fire alarm and sprinkle system, then our fireguard will look after your property until they are repaired.

  • Patrolling:

Our Firewatch guards keep an eye on the area where the fire system is down. They keep an eye out for any fire dangers while on patrol or maintaining their post. Unusual sparks or heat from electrical equipment, as well as fuel and flammable object storage near heat sources, are all possibilities. We also comprise visually evaluating fire extinguishers to ensure they are still functional and have not passed their expiration dates.

  • Direct contact:

In the worst situations in which fire breakouts, our fireguards immediately contact the fire department and provide all the information about the incident. Our Fireguard will trigger the fire alarm and make people aware of it. They also tell the client and customers about the situation.

  • Secure Constructions areas and Events:

Construction sites are most likely to have fire outbreak. Because there are most movements are being done and raw material is scattered all around. Our Firewatch services protect your construction areas even if they are not operational.

In case of event occurring, they are also subject to have fire alert. You can simply choose our services to have a safe and hazard free occasion.

How we work:

  • Contact or reach us
  • Accept the quote and give your information
  • Service starts on the decided date
  • On completion all the requirements will be turned in

What makes  us special:

  • Fast Dispatch – In Miami, we watch  the patrols on standby, ready to respond to your call.  
  • We guarantee that your security guard will be on time and ready to work.
  • Fully Equipped — Your fire watch security guard will be fully equipped from the moment they arrive on your property.
  • Direct call line- Your fire watch patrol will keep a log and monitor the area in line with city and state legislation. In alerting situation, it will inform fire department directly.
  • All of our fire watch personnel have received training in recognizing hazards and collaborating with local fire breakout events.

Contact us today. if you require a trustworthy and highly effective Firewatch guards service in Miami. We provide cost-effective fire watch guards who are skilled and trained. They will assist you at every step of the way to ensure that you get the fire watch protection you require.

Why you need us?

It’s impossible to know when Firewatch Services will be required. You’ll need a service that is always attentive, prompt, fully insured, well-trained, affordable, and completely dependable when you do. The company to contact is USPA Nation Wide Security Services. Which is the leading provider of on-site Firewatch protection in the United States is USPA Nationwide Security. For your convenience, we provide a variety of services, including emergency and hot work Firewatch services, as well as fire marshal licensed fireguard personnel. Our crew is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any form of security or safety concern that may develop at your place of business.


Phone Number: 800-214-1448


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