Easy Freelance jobs ideas you should try

Have you ever seen people traveling around the world with a low budget but many destinations for a longer time? Some of those are not millionaires, that is why they travel on a low budget. They even at a young age. So how can they earn money to buy all their needs for traveling? Keep Reading easy Freelance jobs ideas you should try

One of the activities that can be done today to make money anytime anywhere is freelancing. The Internet has created many new jobs for people all over the globe to work remotely.  So working while travelling or having a vacation is definitely possible today.

Freelance world is commonly related to the computer work field such as programming, Web designing, graphic designing and so on. Actually there are so many jobs you can do even if you have no specific skill in the computer field. Below lists are some of the work you can do without certain computer field skills.

Admin Support

If you open the playstore on your mobile device you will find there are so many apps which are created by many great programmers from all over the world. Every single app commonly needs an admin support to help their user in facing problems while running the app.

You could offer a service as an admin support for such jobs. Admin support is not only for app admin but also for online shops. People today are buying anything online. Online transactions spread rapidly over the globe. That condition creates new online job opportunities as admin support or customer support or whatever it called.

Being an admin support you don’t need specific skills in computer science field. You just need to be able to speak in a good manner to end users, good attitude, smart to explain solution and available anytime as clients need. 

You can even work using your mobile phone. The work is commonly about replying to users on WA or certain chat apps. You can work in flexible time anytime anywhere and adjust your own earning target.

Freelance writer

Writing is also a common skill that everyone is able to do. Writing skill is not as difficult as programming skill. You can even learn about writing skills by yourself, there is a lot of literature you can find through the internet.

Many websites that are owned personally or by a company group on the internet need articles continuously uploaded. You are also able to set up that you only  accept certain niche articles based on your capability. For example if you think you are good enough writing about food and beverage then you can offer articles related to that niche only. There are many niche articles that people are looking for, such as food and drink, travel, finance, fitnes, health, sport, tech, and so on.


Translating is a very simple skill you can offer in the freelance world. If you are a beginner in freelance life and confused about what to offer then being a translator is a good start for your freelance journey.

You can offer a service to translate English to your local language or vice versa. I am sure every country which does not use English as their national language is having an English lesson in their school curriculum.

Translating service will be paid per word. Commonly freelancers offer $5 to $10 per 500 words. Translation jobs come from various purposes such as song translation, article translation, book translation, app manual guide instruction, and many more.

Social media administrator

Do you know social media is very important in getting better engagement with business customers ? Therefore every business account on social media is really active in producing social media posts in regular time continuously. Absolutely they need a person or some people to manage social media accounts to increase the amount of fans and to have a closer engagement to their targeted customers.

There are many freelancers who offer services about social media admin. They offer this job for hourly basis payment. The payment will be transferred once they achieve minimum working time in a particular time frame. The rate is about $3 to $7 per hour or more.

Data entry service

Data entry is a job like inputting data into a sheet or certain form. This job is easy but usually in a high volume. There are so many people offering data entry services since it is easy to do. You will probably have a tight competition to get a data entry job. You need to make some uniqueness to attract buyers like giving some bonus for long term collaboration or providing a low service fee at the beginning. Once you have a good review and get more experience you are able to increase your rate slowly.

How to get a freelance job

This is the most important point. Previously we have discussed some freelance jobs you can do with no particular skill in the computer science field. Now the question is how to get a freelance job ? where to offer the service to make money ?

Nowadays, there are many platforms that help freelancers to meet the clients who need freelancer services. You can try to register yourself on some freelancer platform to offer the services like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, FlexJob, 99designs, freelancer and many others. Every platform has a different way but in some cases also have some similarities.

Upwork and Freelancer have a similarity about bidding for the job. The client is supposed to post the job and the freelancer bids for the offered job. But Fiverr has a different role. Freelancer on fiverr is supposed to offer some services then the client chooses which service they want to order. On Fiverr, a freelancer is a seller and a client is a buyer.

You are free to join some freelance platforms. Commonly joining freelance platforms is free, but you need to pay for special membership privilege.

Freelancing is a good choice to make money online by working anytime anywhere in a flexible way. You can get a job even with no specific skill.

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