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Today, making money is not only related to selling physical items but you can also get money by selling virtual or digital products. Freelancers from all over the world making money online by selling digital products is not a fake thing but it’s totally true. Digital products are so fantastic  because you only create one but you can sell it several times, also digital products have no expiration date. It can be used for multiple years with no limit. Nevertheless the trend and style will be changed in different years. You need to modify your digital products to make it look up-to-date.

There are many kinds of digital products such as software, games, apps, e-book,  videos and many more. What we want to tell you through this post is about digital products you can sell online that you can create by yourself as a freelancer. Working as a freelancer actually has a lot of online activities you can do to earn money including selling digital products.

For some people digital sales is only a side income other than their main income. But for other freelancers selling digital products is their main stream of money. Below lists are digital products you can sell online that you can create by yourself. Without further ado let’s check one by one.

Html Website theme

Freelancers who have knowledge and skill about web programming should be able to make a web theme using html and css.  There is a high demand for website themes since many people use websites for many purposes right now.

If you are a good one at creating website themes, you can make one and keep producing gradually. You can sell the html Web template at themeforest. Web themes have various prices from $10 to $25 even more. The more popular a web theme the higher the price. You are also able to sell the web theme at some market, so you potentially have more sales.

WordPress theme

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which is used by many Web developers worldwide. Therefore wordpress theme is a digital item with high demand. People buy wordpress themes to create a website with a stunning interface. Developers will be faster creating a website with an amazing interface without doing too much coding.

WordPress theme is a legit digital product to sell online. If you find it interesting you should take some courses to learn about wordpress and set your goal and start right now.

Vector Graphic

The presence of market places for digital products is good news to graphic design freelancers. Vector Graphic is also one of the digital products you can sell online. You can create vector graphics using vector software like Adobe Illustrator (paid software) or inkscape (free software). You can sell vectors on microstock, a place to sell vectors, photos, videos.

There are some popular microstock you can try to get your first sale such as shutterstock, dreamsteam, freepik, etc. Commonly the payment will be counted as per download you get. More downloads means more money.

Icons, logos, ornaments, patterns and many other designs are created in vector file format. You may use one of them many times but you do not realize.


Probably everybody now has a smartphone which has a cam to take a photo. Easily you can sell a photo from your own phone then make money. If you are confused which digital product you can sell online then selling photos is a good start for you since it is easy and low cost.  You can even do the activity of selling photos just from your mobile phone.

Shutterstock is the popular microstock to sell photos. It is easy to get an approved photo that is uploaded on shutterstock. Remember, every microstock has its own rule in running the business, read the guidelines and content policy of each microstock you want to join to get a smooth step in selling digital products there.

Printable design

Do you know? Many people are selling printable designs like patterns, poster templates, invitation templates, social media templates and other similar things at microstock. Company business designers commonly use printable design templates from microstoks to help them fast in doing the task. However, doing work quickly is very important for a company since they have certain targets that need to be finished in a particular time frame.

Since there are so many kinds of printable ideas, creating a particular niche will be better to build your personal other words we can say that you just focus on a certain theme printable design. If you like social media then just create social media posts template. If you like posters then just create poster templates or others.

Powerpoint Templates

Powerpoint is easy to use but making a pro presentation using powerpoint needs a sense of art and skill. People use powerpoint for many purposes. Teachers need powerpoint, businessmen need powerpoint and all office stakeholders need powerpoint as well.

Everyone wants to have a good presentation with less effort, then the solution is buying powerpoint templates in the marketplace. That condition becomes an opportunity for those who can create creative designs of powerpoint templates. If you are able to create one that many people love to use, you should realize that it could be an income source for you.

Footage clips

Footage is a digital product with high demand these days. Many video editors use stock footage as replacement shots for a video project. It helps editors work quickly. So if you have a camera then creating footage and selling it on microstock is another option of digital products you can sell online.

Well, now you know at least there are seven digital products you can sell online that you can create by yourself then sell on the marketplaces. No matter how much salary you have, it is always interesting to have another stream of money. If you seriously want to have an extra income then selling digital products online is a good choice you can consider.

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