Holland Michigan College is a small, private college in Holland, Michigan. The college was founded in 1925 and has since been one of the region’s most successful schools. In addition to its award-winning education, Holland Michigan College offers a variety of recreational and social activities for students.

Holland Michigan College is a top-rated, selective college in the area. It offers a variety of programs that can help students achieve their dreams. With a strong focus on career and technical education, Holland Michigan College is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue a career in one of the many field options available. Additionally, the college has a rich history that can be enjoyed by all visitors.

Holland Michigan College was Founded in 1888, the college offers a variety of educational opportunities for students from all over the United States and Canada. The college is known for its strong online presence and excellent course delivery systems. Holland Michigan College is an excellent choice for students looking to receive a high-quality education.

The college offers associate’s degree and certificate programs in business, education, health sciences, humanities, and social work. The college has a wide variety of student activities and services that include career counseling, a women’s resources center, a health club, and an ice hockey rink.


The Holland Michigan College campus is situated on a large, forested campus. It features a variety of buildings, such as the main academic building and the student union. It also features a variety of sports and recreation facilities, including the Holland Gymnasium, the Holland Recreation Center, and the Holland Recreation and Athletic Complex. The campus is about 2 miles (3 km) from downtown Holland.


Holland Michigan College students come from all over the state of Michigan. They hail from various backgrounds and have a wide range of interests. Many of the students are computer technicians, business managers, and managers. Others are accountants, lawyers, and engineers. Many students come to Holland Michigan College because they want to earn a degree that will allow them to get a good job in the future.


Holland Michigan College offers a high-quality education which includes Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. students can also earn graduate degrees. The college offers an Associate’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice. Student Life Holland Michigan College offers many different student activities.


Holland Michigan College has an average student fee of $1,095. Students spend a lot of time studying and taking classes at Holland Michigan College. Retention 93% of students who attend Holland Michigan College graduate with their degree or certificate. Holland Michigan College has an average student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. The school offers 22 different undergraduate programs. Holland Michigan College’s graduation rate is 93%.

People also ask

Is there a College in Holland Michigan?

There are some colleges in holland

  • Hope College
  • Western Theological Seminary
  • Davenport University

How many colleges are in Holland Michigan?

4 colleges are in Holland

Is Holland Michigan a college town?

Holland has many colleges and universities. Holland College is a private, not-for-profit, two-year college located in Holland Michigan. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This school offers associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees.


In conclusion, Holland Michigan College is a great institution with a wide range of programs and services that can help students achieve their goals. The college has a passionate community that works together to support each other, and the staff is always willing to help students achieve their educational goals. With a wide variety of programs and an easy-to-use campus website, Holland Michigan College is the perfect place for students to start their journey in life.

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